Monday, June 10, 2013

Not my studio

This is not MY art studio.  Though sometimes I do feel like I have "opportunities" lying around everywhere.  When I shared images of my real studio (on a better day), I received this image in reply.  Craig Marshall Smith sent it to me.  He tried to tell me that this was his studio!!!!  I instantly knew better than that.  Craig is an art instructor I had a Metro State a lot of years ago.  We have reconnected after finding that we were both showing in the Lone Tree Art Exhibition.  Back in my student days, I remember being initially scared of Craig.  I knew him as demanding, difficult (but fair) fastidious, and yes we would both call him a "curmudgeon."

Check out his website at:

THE REST OF THE STORY:  This is actually a photo of Francis Bacon's studio.  Bacon (1909-1992) was an Irish/British figurative painter known for his bold and raw imagery. He was a rather roguish fellow and we shall leave it at that.  What is extremely interesting is his studio.  In 1998, The Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane was bequeathed Francis Bacon's studio and all its contents. Conservators, archaeologists and curators tagged and packed, catalogued and moved everything in his studio including the dust.  The floor, walls, doors, and ceiling were all removed and relocated.  Over 7,000 items were found and catalogued. And in 2001, his relocated studio was opened for public viewing. 

PRICELESS!  Sure makes me feel good about my studio even on a bad day!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Meet Joe

Joe "making his list and checking it twice."
Meet Joe Wilcox.  Now he's my friend, but at one time he was also my boss...the last boss I ever had while working in corporate America.  He is also by far the funniest one with an amazing, wicked sense of humor. His Christmas letter is the one you absolutely can't wait to open because you know he'll have you in stitches. Joe has the distinct honor of knowing me when I was "on the edge of a nervous breakdown" (as he puts it).  So Joe was the recipient of my resignation when I took that leap of faith and jumped from my "day job" to being a full-time artist.  (Gotta love a job that sucks the life out of you.  God doesn't have to beat you up the side of the head with the idea that he has a better plan for you!)...
...FAST FORWARD...  Joe always sends a witty response when I send out my quarterly newsletters and my most recent one was no exception. His note just begged to be shared with a wider audience and so with his permission, I am posting his picture and his story.  In my last newsletter, I shared pictures of my studio and told of the inspiration that I have posted on the bulletin board behind my desk.  Joe graciously sent me his picture to add to my bulletin board as a reminder of where I've come from.   He says, "The fear of where you could have been can drive inspiration when all else fails."  So you guessed it...Joe now has a permanent place on my wall.  And yes, even the worst day painting is better than those "soul-crushing" 60 hour workweeks in corporate America!
PS: Don't you think he kinda looks like Dr. Seuss' "Grinch?" Picture green and add some hair. 

Stay tuned for more stories from my newsletter readers.