Wednesday, January 1, 2014



I've been waiting for this NEW YEARS DAY.   Back in March of 2013, I found an article in the Sunday PARADE MAGAZINE by Connie Schultz.  In her story, she details the 5 material items that she deemed worth saving should her house catch on fire.  Number 3 on her list was a really ugly old cookie jar (one of those scary clown faces) which was a wedding gift to her parents back in 1957.  She named it Charlie in honor of her dad. Connie repurposed it to hold notes that she regularly tossed in about the good things that happened in her own family.  On New Year's Eve it is their family tradition to read all these collected notes of small wonder. 

Since that day in March, I have been tossing "tidbits" and "treasures" into my own little blue box.  Every time I get a surprise email or something noteworthy happens, it gets tossed in the blue box.  This morning the house was quiet. I made a cup of hot cocoa in my favorite French mug and sat down in front of the lighted Christmas tree and opened up my blue box.  I cried while I read all the wonderful stories, surprises, and notes sent by friends and strangers alike.  I read quotes and meaningful excerpts from favorite books.  I read scraps of paper on which I had printed other artist's blogs that resonated with me.  I read a fortune from a fortune cookie.  Treasures all! It was a great reminder of the blessings of 2013.  If you took the time to send me a special email, it was undoubtedly in my blue box.  Thank you!

Perhaps you will join me in this tradition for 2014. Perhaps you can share a tradition that is meaningful to you. Most of all, I encourage you to look for the blessings!

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