Sunday, May 11, 2014

Made My Mother's Day

"Tender Moment" 20x24  $3200

Today is Mother's Day.  I am reminded that it's not always a happy day.  There are many women who have wanted to be moms, but never got the opportunity.  Some who have lost or are losing a child to any early death.  Others who are estranged or fighting with their children.  There are moms in third world countries who don't have enough food to feed their children. 

I am blessed and I know it and appreciate it! My three girls all blessed me in their own special ways.  One daughter even called to tell me that she thinks that I'm such a good mom that she wants to share me with friends that are lacking one of their own.  She's dead serious and I take that as the ultimate compliment.  Made my Mother's Day.   

Please enjoy this new painting of a mom and her cute little lamb.