Sunday, September 29, 2013

Not Really a Fat Sheep



Can you see the difference?  In the ORIGINAL painting, I painted what I saw which sometimes isn't the best plan.  What I saw was really 2 sheep but the viewer only sees a little bit of the illuminated backside of the second sheep behind the main subject.  What it looks like to the uninformed is ONE VERY FAT SHEEP. 

In the REWORKED painting, I totally got rid of the second sheep.  Much better don't you think?

The moral of the story...don't be fooled into painting everything that you see!

A GreatTime Was Had by All!

This picture is from the first workshop that I taught this summer at the Art Students League of Denver...Salon des Refuses. We "resurrected" some "dead" paintings and in the process learned a few things and had a great time.

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