Friday, February 14, 2014

For Your Pleasure

I have a very special friend (Philippe) from Metz, France who periodically and regularly sends me beautiful photos that he has taken, gifts me with wonderful music, and provides video tours of places I would enjoy just "FOR MY PLEASURE."  And enjoy them all I surely do! They "make my day."  Philippe has a special way of making something extraordinary out of the ordinary.  Here are his latest photos and a link to a tour of the Sistine Chapel.  I am passing them on "for your pleasure too."

I encourage you to share something of yourselves with others...just for their pleasure.  It is a wonderful gift.  So think outside the box.  It could be a handwritten note, a call, something homemade, something unexpected or undeserved.  It doesn't have to cost.  It just takes a little thought, a little time and some effort.  It's priceless!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Monday Morning Quarterbacking thought I was gonna comment on Peyton Manning and our Broncos' play at the Super Bowl.  Nope, not going there.  But I do have something to say about the commercials. The near 50 30-second, $4million commercials included the serious, the bizarre, the movie star endorsement, the off-the-wall, the really?, the I don't get it, the cute, the artsy, and the Ahhhh commercials.  It was most interesting to review the analysis that determined what made for hits or misses.  Budweiser again won the USA TODAY'S Ad Meter for Super Bowl Commercials with "PUPPY LOVE".  Coming in second was Dorito's Kid Dressed as a Cowboy Riding a Big Dog Lassoing a Bag Of Doritos.  Generally speaking, focus groups went for a "KINDER AND GENTLER" genre.  The consensus was that winning ads "touched the depths of my soul."  Often there was no dialog, just music, and great images.

Funny how that "kinder and gentler" phrase keeps showing up.  I think there just might be something to that.  In my own world, I've noticed that those are the paintings that keep flying off my walls.  Good thing is that it feeds my soul too.

"Late Fall"  24x30" Oil on Linen ~ $4800 (w/custom frame)

So here's my latest.  "Late Fall" will be one of 5 paintings going to my new gallery in Charlotte, NC.  Anne Neilson Fine Art is a brand new gallery opening its doors in early May.  I am pleased and excited to be represented by this classy new gallery in the heart of the historic district of Charlotte.  Please check out and visit when you can: