Saturday, August 15, 2015

Can an Artist Take a Quick Walk?

I think not! Today (like many other days) I headed out for a “quick walk.”  This was to be my 30 minutes that I do 5 days a week.  Well…that didn’t happen! I tried. I even purposely didn’t take my camera. Unfortunately I did take my cellphone which has a large screen and takes very nice pictures.  So my quick walk turned into an hour. I didn’t just get some exercise, but I got some wonderful pictures and even better…it refreshed and fed my soul and got my creative juices flowing.  I met some friendly people and had some quick but nice little conversations as well as some smiles and a warm greeting from everyone along the way.  The sun was still low and skipped along the tops of the fields to glint nicely on the flowers, grasses, and weeds.  So I HAD to capture the moment!

...and the answer to the question is: The only way I can take a quick walk is if it happens to be snowy or rainy and I'm on the treadmill. Then I can easily get 'er done in 30 minutes because I can't wait to get off! 

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