Monday, February 1, 2016


What is this, you ask?  Well ...this is me reading in the dark with a headlamp. 

You see, not long ago we had a 10-hour power outage.  It was just long enough to be fun and not so long as to spoil food or get overly cold or make life too difficult.

The result was a little "enlightenment" and the beginnings of a new tradition. You see, we enjoyed that evening very much. Frank brought home a take-out supper and we sat around the table with lots of candles. Ahhh, the atmosphere was wonderful! Then we had hours and hours without tv or computers or any electronics.  It was actually quite nice being "unplugged."  I chose to do something that I don't normally do. I picked up a book I'd written on our family history and re-read it from cover to cover.  I once again enjoyed the pictures and stories and memories.  If there hadn't been a power outage, I wouldn't have slowed down and taken the time.

The take away is:  We have made being "unplugged" a regular part of our lives.  Often after dinner, we retreat to the living room, curl up in a chair with a cup of tea and settle in with a good book.

Try it! You'll like it!

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